through this whole maternity process i'm learning how to stand up for myself when i might not have in the past, the maternal instinct to protect one's own will come in handy

 salt dough chubby wubby bunny

salt dough chubby wubby bunny baked with peeps

i've been thinking a lot about materials, both raw and otherwise, that helped to shape my childhood

and i've decided on the bathroom #selfie for documenting my weekly progress

it is so much a part of the instagram, and cultural lexicon--a weird self-centered way of showing off--in the same way that a staged maternity photo shoot reflects that narcissistic nature we all have 

i do like tapping into the history of artistic self-portraiture. after all, what other subject is more readily available when inspriation strikes?


chubby wubby bunny

someone called me chubby wubby yesterday

it did not feel like a nice joke at the time, but my husband was able to help me laugh about it

i also decided to take it a step further 

and do a short video piece "chubby wubby bunny" that i just posted on my website


20-21 weeks

maternity has started really showing itself

this dress just made me look fat one week, two weeks later it was obvious i wasn't just eating too much pizza

our bebe's spine

 easter floral parade

an etching by betty dodson, daughter of eunice jensen-parsons that i'm starting to resemble



first anniversary glitz

i wanted to wear sequins for our first anniversary, and found a stretchy dress with my husband's mother days before we left for our week away

i also discovered the beauty of the panoramic shot with a clandestine harmonica player in the french quarter

and the chance meeting of a sofa and flash photography in front of a walking tour of tourists

funny what a nice evening out with the love of my life brings out in me


i really enjoyed documenting my first year of marriage using photography, to the point that i think i may just carry on the project without posting many of the images until many have been amassed

i'm astounded by how many bad maternity photo shoots i've looked through

the cliches that are abundant. i want to document myself differently, including morning sickness

which has been abundant in my experience


biographical documentary shots house interior

my husband and my aunt helped me locate the tools to get into the house, so i was able to complete the series of shots i had hoped to replicate, and see the house for what feels like the last time in any recognizable condition


new biographical photography project


this is a series i've been hoping to do since last year, when i realized it had been 25 years since i had gone around my grandparent's house with a camera handed to me by my mom (at 12 years old). she asked me to document my perspective on a property where i'd spent many summers. some of those snapshots include my 12-year-old handwriting complete with hearts for dots over the i's

a few years after the property was sold, there was a murder suicide in the house where we spent so many wonderful nights, where we watched afternoon cartoons with my grandfather (even the ones we weren't allowed to watch at home) and where i remember finding a mouse had eaten a santa clause i had made of cake icing and left out on the counter in the kitchen

being pregnant, and considering how this property shaped much of my aesthetic and childhood, i was happy to revisit those spaces that were so magical to me and my imagination, and know that even if they hold completely different memories for the community, the world i invented there cannot completely disappear