the pheromone constellation: a limited edition of recycled silk garments that have been shibori dyed. natural dyes are are more likely to fade over time, so wash sparingly. 

 the gold stamp was inspired by the chemical structure for musk and civet, and their resemblance to a constellation.  wearing one of these garments makes you a part of a very rare group of stars.

  my naturally dyed shibori collection is at haunt this week, and will be at the @bisashop pop-up next weekend 


samples are for sale now online


playing around with product placement


i have been moving for about a month now, and haven't been keeping up with much except instagram (@julia_barbee), and my willamettefalls residency (@willamettefalls), but i thought i'd do a little update here anyways.

i have a piece in an online exhibition with black box gallery here

it kind of makes me laugh because they altered my title from #kitchensinkstilllife

it's a photo from my holy matrimony series. i'm planning on a perfume release of the same name in the spring. perhaps with a publication to go along with it.

i'm also working on revamping my etsy shop, i redid the banner tonight, and will shoot some new perfume images soon as well.


i remember seeing pickled eggs at joe jost in long beach and thinking they looked disgusting. my how i was wrong. 

i have had some pickled in jalepeno juice, and some in beet juice, and i wanted to do some from scratch, but i didn't have time. 

and i didn't have either of those things. so i used pickled pepperoncini from the fridge instead

i adapted the recipe from a number of different ones i was reading, and just kind of made it up as i went.
spicy mustard and pepperoncini pickled eggs deviled!

2 cups white vinegar
the juice from a 32 oz jar of pepperoncini (reserve pepperoncini)
3 tablespoons yellow mustard
1 cup sugar
2 teaspoons celery seed
1 teaspoon mustard seed
6 whole cloves
2 tablespoons turmeric

1/2 onion sliced thin
8 hard boiled eggs, peeled
  1. Bring the brine ingredients to a boil, then simmer 10 minutes whisking
  2. Put onion, pepperoncini and eggs layered back into the pepperoncini jar (you'll have leftover peppers)
  3. Pour brine over top
  4. Let cool, and put in fridge
Set for 24 hours (although i didn't have that long before my party, so i did about 4, they were still great)
deviled spicy pickled eggs
yolks from pickled eggs that have been cut in half
enough mayo to make a wet mixture
garlic powder to your liking
salt & pepper to taste
cut up chives
scoop filling back into the whites on a plate, sprinkle with paprika and chives. serve and they will be gone in minutes!


i was obsessed with the chocolate dollar cookie recipe from the cookie lovers cookie cookbook that i had as a child, and tried altering the recipe to make it gluten free, well, at least wheat free...success!

Chocolate Dollars

1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla (I use more)
3/4 cup brown rice flower
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/2 cup potato starch
1/3 cup unsweetened powdered cocoa
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

for topping: 
1 tablespoon sugar
sprinkling of sea salt

mix all ingredients. 
the recipe calls for refrigerating the dough, i skip that because i'm too impatient. i just make balls, and press them down, top with some sugar, and this time i tried a little sea salt since the recipe doesn't include salt, and i think it's always nice with dark chocolate. it made a big, delicious difference. 

bake at 325 degrees for 8-10 minutes. they're pretty squishy out of the oven, i often just eat the first one with a spoon!
i searched for years for this cookie cookbook that i used to use as a child, i got it from scholastic news. many thanks to prudence younger for inspiring this recipe!



I have got to say I felt your eyes on me ... It's been a long time since someone got caught looking at me, like you were looking at me...You smell my Narciso Rodriguez cologne which is the sense tied most closely to human memory. Now you remember how it feels...

Ryan you are a SuperStud

Every time I smell something sweet I think of you. Even as they years go I am sure you will be there in my quite moments of reflection. I wish that I could just kiss you once, just one passionate kiss and I will treasure it forever. 

Wistful Words for My Sinner

I wore the gardenia body lotion to the gym today. As I worked out, the heat of my body released the scent of gardenia. The smell filled my senses and I could not stop my thoughts from turning to you.  I need to hear your voice so that I know and you know we are not alone in this Void. 



Fragrance of the World - m4w - 28

I can only imagine your touch
your soft skin
your lips delicately
brushing my canvas
your nose touching my nose
the smell of your hair
the taste of your neck.
Kissing the fleshy parts of your fingers
dancing my hands in a slow waltz
across your breasts and down
to where your body curves
like a wine glass.
Seeing you with more than my eyes
touching you with more than my body.
Cheeks like flowers,
shortness of breath,
the world discarded.
Of all the waves in the ocean,
I recognize only your wave
as hand in hand our bodies collide
like two champagne flutes
in a toast to sparkling rapture.
And afterwards I'll hold you
like a rare musical instrument,
listening to only the sound of you
as you inhale and exhale
the fragrance of the world 

If I was granted a wish to do anything for a day... - m4w

...it would be to spend that entire day with you at Disneyland again. But, just me and you this time. Just to spend the entire day, playing, having fun and spending it with each other at a magical place. <3 section="">
I like vintage and worn decor, because they remind me of all the decor at dl. I love the smell of chlorine, because they remind me of the water rides there. I like the smell of burning popcorn, peanuts, candies, again because they remind me of there. The smell of stinky horses.. the smell of mechanical machines..they all remind me of dl... Among many other things. You truly love that place like no one else I know. Makes me love you even more.

to the girl that waved at my at carols jrs no lacster by market st - m4w

hope u see this and contat me i was in a blue ranger i regret not stoping and saying hi and see if i could get ru number hope u see this and give me a scent chance


u don't know what your mssing.... - 40 (clackamas)


hi girls... sooo if u like a bit kink...a very sexy smooth man, shaves... all over... and professional, tan. soooo ooo smooth to touch and adore... and i will return the feeling... girls i am not bias to color or size... cuz... love and emotion comes in all flavors, and a women that has chemistry with her man is really all that matters.... yes? so.... if sexy 6 2 200 lbs and soooo soft and knows about the fem side about himself and what does that mean...? well it means he knows how to ..... t o u c h a women and make her feel so special... her sexual desires will peak and she will become a soft doll in my arms and while i hold u, u will fall for me to let me touch u, and u won't be able to say no..... I promise, I will send your mind into a place, you have never been before,.... and u wonder how can i do this.... well because, i know how a womens mind and sexuality works...its just a perfect place,... the beauty of a women, no matter her size the concept is the same... trust me...u will be pleased no matter what size u are.... just sorry but 18 is all can handle......... I do like bigger, but... O....that is sexy too.... its just the thought of being sexy for both of us.... I love taking a hot bubble bath and listening to some nice muxic and drinking a glass of wine... soooo iam getting tired and going to bed, and actually going to think of a sweet curvey, nice size brested women, who is sweet all over,wearing perfume and smelling so sweet, as i will .... again size is not important as long as u are sweet in you flat spot and high maintance.... i love make up and alot.... cuz it just shows me u , u take pride in your look, and that is sooooo sexy.... plz reply... any age is fine.. i am again young in apperance,... I won't tell u my age,because its not important, what matters is chem and care for each other... ad we can figure out the rest late, if the chem is right.... love to you, and merry christmas to u, I promise i will give u all u want... love to who ever u are...


Dreaming about you - m4w (Portland)


I dreamed of you last night. You were beautiful and perfect as always. I miss your face and looking into your eyes. I miss your bizarre personality and crazy beliefs. If I could put my face in your neck and smell you and take you in to hold you close and feel your lips on mine.

Oddly Specific - 29 (SW PDX)


It is Friday night around 9 o'clock and I just got home from my work holiday party. I am filled with cheesecake, pizza and cinnamon whiskey. I just feel like putting on some sweatpants and falling asleep in front of the television. Or posting on Craigslist and seeing what cute girl is out there that happens to like guys who are boyishly charming with a dash of handsomeness and who smell very, very good...

Milky Way is UNSTOPPABLE! - m4w (PDX)


and so you called my bluff then cancelled your email account.

i don't know which one more qualifies you for that spanking...

but if you'd like to pause (not stop) and smell the roses and lilacs...

want to meet a nice girl - 30 (vancouver)


I've been single for the past two years and now I miss the smell of a woman on my clothes,getting a text in the morning saying sweet things. Please be into video games somewhat.

Something dark - 99 (PDX)


" Your torments call us like dogs in the night. And we do feed, and feed well. To stuff ourselves on other people's torments. And butter our plain bread with delicious pain... Funerals, marriages, lost loves, lonely beds " that is our diet. We suck that misery and find it sweet. We can smell the young ulcerating to be men a thousand miles off. And hear a middle-aged fool like yourself groaning with midnight despairs from halfway round the world. "

Christmas Break!! - 28 (The West Side)


I am 28, charming as I am handsome - obviously - and I smell very, very good. I have the musical taste of a 13 year old girl circa 1999 and nice legs. It is true. Summer is a good time for me. 

Lets go see The Hobbit tonight! - 40 (Portland)


I want to go see the Hobbit tonight. You're cute, maybe a LOTR nerd, maybe a huge fan of the books or the other movies. Maybe you just have a thing for Short men with hairy feet.... I'm not going to judge you. I'm tall with the hardly any hair on my feet and an all around nice guy. Be single, cute, funny, fun, smell nice and be a sweet person who is willing to use her large purse to Sherpa my snacks into the theater.


Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
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My question is this: What causes that smell? Sort of sage-like but not exactly.
Does anyone know what is actually making that scent????

I think it is God.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/new-mexico/124963-smell-desert-after-rain-las-cruces.html#ixzz2E6rF0lQf

mainly the ''Creosote Bush'' that covers the southwest deserts i.e. the Sonoran, Mohave and the Chihuahuan here in New Mexico.. These plants are very moisture depedant for a desert plant so they have the longest roots of any up to 80 feet to get to water. Secondly they have pores all over them to get mousture so they really open up after any rain to absorbe it hence the awsome smell it produces. Whenever i go home to Alamo to visit as soon as i get to Carrizozo and turn south on U.S.54 even without rain the smell of fresh rain is strong do to so many Creosotes there so i'll roll down my window and enjoy for about 15 min or so.

You can see them mixed amongst the cacti in this picture.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/new-mexico/124963-smell-desert-after-rain-las-cruces.html#ixzz2E6reYgbu

We had more rain here overnight, and waking up to that smell is great. Then I start the coffee to mix with it :-)

The smell of the desert at night is so mind blowing. It is like this sweet dusty earthy lushy wonderous hard to describe smell. I just want to roll around in its sensuous scent!

Ahhhh, creosote and sage...

someone I know is going to send a box of arizona through the mail so I can squirt it with a mister and dream of AZ here in California. . . what a heavenly smell

There is Nothing like the smell of the Sonoran Desert when it rains, specially during the monsoons in the summer. The smell of wet sage combined with the thunder & lightening and POURing rain. I love to just head west out Ajo Hwy and take it all in!

There've been times when I've wanted a monsoon storm more than the weather does, so I put some dried Creosote I have (I do a lot of herbal stuff) in a bowl and take a hot shower. Does the trick. For extra effects, have some one flick the light switch a few times :)


 i'm thinking through some ideas for proposals for a couple of scented projects in the los angeles area, so it's only fitting that i would check into the old craigslist ads i used to peruse while i lived down there


I saw you again yesterday - m4w - 23 (everywhere)


Though I have never seen you face; that silhouette I catch, that amazing voice I hear, and that hair that I can smell is entirely real to me. I know your out there dream girl and I wish I could find you. I know one day we will be happy together; but until then I will be restless without you. I always hear that alarm ring and i hear you voice say I'll get it the I feel a set of gentle hands touch me, and I smell coffee. I always awake to watch your silhouette slip through the door of our bedroom. Back to reality where there is no you yet If only I knew what face to look for! Or I catch us on our balcony me holding you feeling so full and warm tanks to you, I can smell your beautiful hair then as I really try to figure you out I realize I can feel your tears running down my chest saying your sorry. 


re so close yet so far - m4w


you have no life I realize now the childishness that occurred here and am over it your drama isnt making you any money and it wont because you have lost your audience no one is interested wake up and smell your coffee 


chino urgent care - m4w - 21 (chino)


You got a sling for me I thought you were super cute tell me what color my shirt was hope I can get in touch with you ps your perfume or lotion smelt really good your hispanic and thick :)


Sacrifice.... - m4w - 45 (Anaheim)


Its a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of her lingers
And temptations strong

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

We lose direction
No stone unturned
No tears to damn you
When jealousy burns 


L. I miss you so much... - m4w - 41 (Everywhere)



I truly miss you. You have been on my mind for the las couple of weeks. I miss your scent, your touch....



Desperatly seeking SANDY, the Surveyor - m4w (NW)

Date: 2012-10-28, 10:52AM PDT
Reply to: stmcp-3370711326@pers.craigslist.org

Sandy, Do I creep into your dreams at night and warm your heart & soul as you do me?!? Do you long for those romantic times with a balance of spontaneity & craziness!! I do! I want to walk in the rain, drive in the snow flurries, Ly on a secluded beach by your side and have wild & uninhibited sex, and than fall asleep in each others arms only to awaken to a cool breeze and make passionate love with you.
Our last moments togeather were at the Marriott Hotel in Portland. We spent Valentin weekend togeather. It was many years ago. Things didn't work out for me & my daughters mother. And now your beautiful green eye's, soft touch, & the sweet smell of your skin continue to linger within my mind, growing stronger as time passes.
I realize this is a LONG SHOT, but I have to try. I've been alone toooooo long, and the memories and dreams are no longer enough. Contact me, If nothing more than for a cup of coffee and some catching up. Who knows, it could turn out to be the beginning of a new life.
Your long lost Surveyor. xxxx oooo xxxx.

A clue; you use to work for Marion County & I, O.D.O.T. Help me find you!!!!

u drive a blue ford Taurus. - m4w - 33

Date: 2012-10-31, 3:41PM PDT
Reply to: tr3x4-3378071096@pers.craigslist.org

You came into my work early this morning. You drive a blur ford taurus. I have to say that you are absolutely stunning. I was very taken with your beauty and also with your amazing smell. Would love to email or text and get to know each other. Tell me where i work if u know who this is. Me.

I don't even know if it was you (Downtown)

Date: 2012-11-10, 2:04AM PST

I was downtown tonight. It was maybe 6:15 PM. I was in the Subway on Broadway right off of Burnside. I walked out as you walked by. I was to your right side and saw only about three quarters of your face. You were past me in maybe two seconds. I can't be absolutely sure that it was you, but it had to be. I can't believe it, but just seeing your face made so many memories flood back. My heart started to race, and my palms began to sweat. It has been over four years now since you and I broke up, and instantly I remembered your smell, the feeling of your hair, the contour of your body, the softness of your skin, your smile, your laugh, the feeling of your lips, the look in your eyes, so much, so much came back. You didn't even know I was there. I couldn't help but stare at your legs and ass for a moment before my bus pulled up. I couldn't stop myself from constantly looking over my shoulder as I walked towards the bus, just hoping you would turn and see me. You just kept on walking. I kept wanting to call out your name and see if you would turn. I actually regret not doing it. Though I'm scared that if it was you, I would have walked away from the bus to talk to you.

I know you have a boyfriend. I know you have been with him for years. I don't want to ruin your life, but you are the one that got away. I have come to realize that I miss you so much. I compare every girl to you, and every girl I get attracted to, looks like you. I feel so pathetic. Posting an anonymous missed connection on Craigslist. But I have to get this shit off my chest. You are the only person I have been in love with. I have been lonely the past few months, and you come to mind every once in a while. I have been asking myself for some time; Do I miss you, or do I miss being in love? I have been curious if I think of you just because you are the only person I have been in love with, so it's my only reference? Or do I actually miss you specifically? After seeing you today, I have come to understand that it is the latter. I miss YOU. I miss cuddling your sweater when your not around because it smells like you. God I miss you. You are still such a stunning sight. You have grown into a beautiful young woman these past four years.

I hope I can someday move on and let you go. Today though, is not that day.


i found this article about celebrity fragrances pretty amusing:

Horrible Smell : Snooki by Nicole Polizzi
The scent itself is super sweet (pink cupcake accord and sugared musk are just some of its main ingredients). I remember watching her sell it on HSN and cringing while hearing her describe the various places she liked to spray it before clubbing or “smushing.”


i'm getting ready to do a talk on perfume at the curiosity club on june 26th, and i just got an email about making a bird house that got me questioning

can birds smell?

some don't use their sense of smell very much, but i loved this blurb in science daily about the kiwi:

The brown kiwi from New Zealand, for example, has about six times more OR genes than the blue tit or canary.
"When we looked up the relative sizes of the olfactory bulb in the brain, we also noticed similar big differences between species", said Steiger. "It is likely that the number of OR genes correlates with the number of different smells that can be perceived. As the olfactory bulb is responsible for processing olfactory information, we were not too surprised to see that the number of genes is linked to the size of the olfactory bulb." Wide variation in numbers of OR genes, and sizes of olfactory bulbs, has also been found amongst mammals.
The implication of this finding is that different ecological niches may have shaped the OR gene repertoire sizes in birds, as has been suggested for mammals. The high number of OR genes in the kiwi could be explained by this bird’s unusual ecological niche. Unique among birds, the nostrils of the night-active kiwi are at the tip of the bill. When kiwis probe the forest floor in search of food, they are guided by smell rather than sight. Indeed the snuffling, nocturnal kiwis are sometimes considered to be New Zealand’s equivalent of a hedgehog!


gluten-free cardamom muffins

perfect for mother's day!

gluten-free cardamom muffins

4 sticks butter (or to make them dairy-free use margarine)
3 cups sugar
3 cups gluten-free flour (i mix oat, brown rice, tapioca, sorghum, and a little of whatever i have on hand)
6 eggs
1.5 tablespoons vanilla
1 tablespoon cardamom
1 cup milk (i used coconut milk)
(no leavening) 

bake at 275 degrees for 1 hour 

take out and raise the oven to 350

apply the following glaze to the tops: 
1/2 cup sugar 
1/2 cup orange juice

15 min at 350, and you're golden! 

yields about 48 muffins, if you add leavening of some kind you'll have even more! it's NOT a problem getting them eaten either


i just poured decants of the perfumes from the cat call collection for an exhibition called hide//seek//difference//desire//northwest as part of the queering the museum exhibition

i'm showing the pieces as a loose-leaf book, with the perfumes in bottles, and numbered rather than labeled.  the viewer can sit at the table, read the book, and experience the ephemeral sculptures, matching the perfumes based upon their olfactory experience

the idea/aesthetic was partly inspired by ann hamilton's performance pieces incorporating tables, such as still life, 1988




endless post its - m4w (served cold)

I just wish I was not stuck in the cheap seats, I would give anything to see the pain in your eye's and smell the fear on you.. You can always start stripping and sellin that ass. I pray you, do not fall in love with me. I smell like strippers.

To the cutie on the couch - m4m - 26  (crazy house)

Hey! I saw you on a red couch at home today. There was the smell of pancakes and peanut butter in the kitchen. I was the shirtless guy dancing.

Let's make out and listen to Mazzy Star - 38 

It might be romantic. I like women who are voluptuous and/or funny. I'm handsome and I smell good.


i just found out some of my digital images are going to be shown this sunday at ¡VIVAN LAS MUJERES! part of the museum of latin american art's woman's day festival

By combining the phenomena of crystal growth, with an intuitive process of cutting and manipulating with digital mediums, I created new environments composed of ephemeral and technological planes, neither of which are tangible, related to my work in olfactory sensory perception
and here's a link to the digital images on my website for sale


this guy may be my new favorite, although i did wonder if he was going to throw that girl off the cliff at the end

Don't click here - 25 (P-Town)

Alright... Strap yourself in.

I'd begin our first date by picking you up around 8:37. It would would have to be a saturday night because I usually spend my week nights alone, eating pop rocks while watching Jimmy Kimmel. I'd pull up outside your place in my 1988 Toyota Tercel and text you that I've arrived. I know most guys would knock on the door but I want to avoid the awkwardness of meeting your parents/roomate/dog in case you lied in your photos and you actually look kinda like Sarah Jessica Parker (gross).

Anyway, you get to the car but struggle to open the door because some asshole has left 3 months of Subway sandwich wrappers in the passengers seat. I was going to clean out the car before I picked you up but I decided I like the smell.

Once you finally get the door ajar and clear your eyes of my muffler smoke, your ears are filled with the musical stylings of Mclusky's 'To Hell With Good Intentions.' The lyrics "My love is bigger than your love" are shouted over and over. You turn to me as you sit down. You look disgusted but I know you're actually immediately in love. I shift to face you and scream over the blasting music, "Sorry about the wet seat... sunroof leaks." You gag a little. I smile as I shift into drive.

We pull up to the first starbucks I can find and I turn off the engine. You try to convince me to go somewhere else because apparently you use to work here and it'll be "weird." I tell you you're wrong and it'll be funny. You reluctantly get out. Once inside, I spot some old buddies from highschool using the store's free wifi to check out Hentai porn. I'm kind of into that shit so I tell you to order us some coffee and get a table. You look pissed off but I'm really ridiculously good looking so you can't help but accept my proposal.

After waiting alone at an empty table for almost 20 minutes, I finally come over and sit down next to you. I lean forward.

"This place closes in 2 minutes, so we should probably go."

We drive around aimlessly for an hour listening to the same Mclusky song on repeat. You ask if I can switch the song for a bit but I tell you "No. This is a good night driving song." Outside of this, we don't speak. This isn't because you're mad at me for acting absolutely douchetarded or because the music is too migraine-inducingly loud to hear each other... No, this is because true love has no language (I just got chills).

After what seems like an eternity to you, I finally pull up on the peak of a small hill off a quiet side road on Skyline. I get out and, to your complete suprise, walk around to your door and open it for you. You, again, hesitate to get out.

I take your hand in mind and step close to you. "I'm sorry I've acted like a bag of dicks tonight. I just wasn't sure if I could trust you."
You're confused but completely lost in the moment. All you can stutter is a soft "it's alright." I smile and you melt. I take your arm and begin to pull you towards a trail leading into the woods. "Come with me, I want to show you something."

I take you through the forest and up a steep hill twisting between the greenery. I light the way with my cellphone and you laugh whenever it turns off, leaving us momentarily in darkness. It's magical. As we near a clearing your excitement begins to build. 'Where is this guy taking me?' You don't even care, your enjoying the moment too much.

We reach the top.

You step out of the woods and into the moonlight of a seemingly giant moss-covered rock, hundred's of feet above it's surroundings. I let go of your hand and let you take in the setting. It's the most stunning place you've ever been.

"This is my favorite spot in the city," I tell you. "It's the only place where you can see something beautiful in every direction."

"It's perfect" you reply.

I take a seat on a smooth rock. You walk over and sit down next to me. "I was not expecting this an hour ago. I'm really glad I stayed with you."

I turn to face you. "Me too."

Our eyes lock. For the first time in your mess of a life, you feel like you've found something really special, something that could make even the most difficult of days worth getting up for. If for only just a moment, you are happy.

The sound of my voice interrupts your thoughts. "Look. Before we go any farther with this, there's something I should tell you."

You try to sound confident but inside you're terrified of what I might say. "...what is it?"

I take a deep breath. "Alright, well...
In West Philadelphia I was born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most of my days.
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin all cool, And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school.
When a couple of guys who were up to no good,
Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood.
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared,
And said "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air."
I whistled for a cab, and when it came near,
The license plate said "fresh" and it had dice in the mirror.
If anything I could say that this cat was rare,
But I thought "Nahhh forget it, Yo home to Bel Air."
I pulled up to the house about seven or eight,
and I yelled to the cabby "Yo homes, smell ya later."
Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there,
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air."

p.s. Full disclosure: I don't actually live in swanky Bel Air, California. Also, I don't have a bona fide royal heritage to brag about. While what I wrote is what I would imagine is a pretty typical craigslist kind of date, this is very nearly the exact opposite of what an actual date with me is actually like (actually).


i decided to do a couple of treasury lists today

the two are related to a show my friend is curating about foliage, and the idea of something being lush. this is a bit of a study for me, and some research into what ingredients i might use for a luscious, exotic fragrance 


An Extra Weekend Night! - 28 (Lake Oswego)

Date: 2012-01-15, 4:33PM PST
Reply to:

I normally have a 7:30 AM sales meeting on Monday but thank you MLK for the sleeping in and the cute girl I will meet tonight!

I am 28, charming, handsome and I emit a pleasant aroma. I am well educated, witty, successful good with an adjective... I can keep using words that paint me in a positive light if you want. Why haven't you replied yet? It is 4:30 and we are running out of time.


You had me at Yellow Socks - m4w - 54

Date: 2012-01-09, 7:13PM PST
Reply to:

You looked like a portly Mary Poppins, and I fell in love at first whiff of your patchouli perfume, yellow socks adorning your wrinkled knees, you're such little spinster in the making.  I don't normally post these things, but our brief conversation on the merits of Orbit Gum has left me reeling, drunk with the thought of you, my fat Mary Poppins.


First thing you need to know about me.... - 28 (SW )

Date: 2012-01-14, 8:30PM PST
Reply to:

I am hilarious and I smell amazing. Take a whiff, you won't regret it. So it is Saturday night and I am exhausted from being awesome all day. So I am resting for another hard day tomorrow of, well being awesome. So here is my little resume and cover letter for picking up a chick on Craigslist on a Saturday night.

My Objective:
To meet a cute, confident and disease free woman who I can then seduce with my irresistible come hither look.

My Qualifications:
I am not your average Craigslist sex pervert.
I smell very, very good.
I have cat like reflexes. Now you see me... meow you don't.
I can eat a lot in one sitting.
I have a masters degree.
I am employed and wear fancy clothes.
I have low standards but pretend otherwise.
I know the difference between there and their.

hang out/cuddle naked? - 28 (hillsboro)

Date: 2012-01-14, 6:27PM PST
Reply to:

So, pretty much just looking for a cute, rad girl to cuddle with naked. I really need to hold, and feel a nice warm body pressed up against mine. The feel, and smell of a woman is so intoxicating.

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I am pretty damn charming and handsome - 28 (SW Portland / Lake Oswego Area)

Date: 2012-01-13, 8:14PM PST
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I can't lie, I am pretty damn charming. Just saying how charming you are is, well, charming. I also think I am easy on the eyes and if you like clean cut, preppy guys with style, wit and charisma you will like me. I am 28, educated, confident and good with an adjective. I also happen to smell very, very good. I am having a pretty awesome Friday evening which I have to stay in for... ask me why.


long lost love

i just found a bottle of my late elementary/junior high fragrance in a thrift store! l'effleur by coty. it's amazing how many memories can come flooding back with the slightest aroma

two other fragrances i used to wear, that were just brilliantly light, but totally distinct were discontinued by the body shop. lemon tea, and pink pepper. i bought them on ebay last year when i was studying perfume for my mfa

i neglected to buy a bottle of tea rose, by the perfumer's workshop, when i found it in an antique store, but i just ordered it on amazon! sometimes i really do love the internet culture, this was more of my junior high/early high school perfume of choice

having purchased these former loves, i do certainly notice a distinct difference between the alcohol-based scents, and the witch hazel i'm using. i've had a number of customers remark that they usually get a headache from perfume, or they have allergies, but they're able to wear the perfumes i'm creating, so that is great news!


i finally remembered these needed to be posted corona-riverside/san bernardino, ca billboard art images

these are the only three documented, or my suspicion is, these are the only ones that were not censored