grafting project

growing up in the northwest i have a deep love for the forest. and as i have matured i have seen the beauty of the metaphor of the family tree. and that it's not necessarily one of blood. 

"who is my mother? who are my brothers?" is the question i am looking at.

this is my family tree project.

i grafted branches from my home onto trees in the yards of my personal community. 

and i've brought branches from their trees home to graft onto one family tree of my own.

 i am amazed at how inspiration changes over time. i had thought to make this a potted plant experiment, but am all the more thrilled to be using trees established in the ground, in my family's yards, so that my impact on the cycle is minimal, but longer lasting.


  1. Wonderful to see your work on line Julia. Thanks for sharing what you are up to. I'm intersted to see how your grafting project comes along! I'll be sure to put a link to you from my blog.


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