blog launch

i'm not a fan of blogs, or reading things on the internet, or networking through technology. but a friend said she'd like to see my process, and recommended i start a blog. my work of late is about time, cycles, and process, so it seemed reasonable for a season to archive some of that process and share it. 
time is a big part of my work, and seeing the marks of time on objects, so i decided to bring my routine and habits into a grid based upon seasons.
the first project is seasonal skirts.

this was summer 2009 skirt which i wore to shreds, and to archive the marks of time, i decided to grow borax crystals over the once wearable piece to make it now a sculptural object.


this is fall 2009 skirt also encrusted in borax.
i'm currently wearing winter 2010 skirt, but it will be treated similarly in due time.