book of fables

i bought a book of fables simply for the ideas of naming fragrance. illuminated by the etchings of gustave dore, this book was a godsend.

the woodman and the mercury (for a forest fragrance i am working on)


a drop of vetiver in a mix


the animal in the moon 

the two dogs and the dead ass to compliment some of the interesting ingredients i just greedily received in the mail. one was civet, from the perineal gland, but i'm thinking it's synthetic, not sure. but oh so rank. 


 and the shepherd and the sea 
to compliment my favorite find, real ambergris tincture, from the coast of north carolina where my family originated.

ambergris can be found floating upon the sea, or in the sand near the coast. it is from the digestive system of sperm whales who have eaten giant squid, and forms around the undigested beaks that are either expelled traditionally, or vomited.