oil infusions

i started doing a couple of infusions today.


i decided to start small, and use bottles which i scavenged at the orbit the other day. 


if i were totally cheeseball i'd call this love potion #9 or something. sentiments written to me which i would call love letters. 


one has rosemary, to which i will add a piece of a shirt from my grandfather, father, and brother, tentatively called "patriarchy." 

"mariquita" is full of hair from my household.

thinking about why i'm using sentimental objects and elements, (when i found the lizard, i was immediately taken back to the times i spent on my grandparents' farms searching through barns and piles of old bottles) i realized much of my work is about nostalgia and sentiment, but in this project i'm interested in deriving the essence from these things, and discarding or ruining the actual object. 

odorous art created with some portion of these sentiments can become valuable to a viewer/sensor apart from having any connection to their origin.


that said, this final one contains leaves from my family tree, the dna of all the grafts running through leaf and root.