alchemy show opening

many thanks again to rachel for helping out with my opening


apparently she stole my camera and took a few action shots...


and the treats i think were the best part


cardamom muffins care of a recipe snagged for me and written in such lovely script by my friend crystal.


i had so many people ask if the muffins were part of the show, that i'm going to make more for my critique on thursday. and i love the thought of such a sensory experience. smelling the rot and cologne changed the taste of the muffins as they went around the exhibit.


i think my favorite comment was, "i was walking through this exhibit and then i realized, 'oh! i know who made these! that girl in cream.'" 

that's me. and i'm wearing my spring 2010 skirt!


  1. I am more than thrilled to have the opportunity to experience your opening night here in Seaside. You look beautiful. Your show looks beautiful. Your tasty treats look beautiful. Very lovely work, Julia.


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