fragrance line launch

i'm launching a fragrance line at stars and splendid early next week!

the first cologne is vice

a unisex menagerie of dark sensual liquids and wafting murky smoke derived from things we are both attracted to and repelled by

it is the commercial version of what i am practicing as my master's work, a performance based on examining my body as a fragrant attractor. 

this summer i am manipulating odor through what i eat, choosing to explore a vegan diet, seeing how that changes body odor, how these oils i'm mixing change on my skin based upon my exercise activity and what i'm consuming, and how my body's shape changes in reaction to all of it. i'm collecting odor in various forms for use in my master's mixtures, something i would not sell to the public for commercial use

as a form of documentation, i'm keeping a running diary of what men yell at me from the street, attributing that to attraction and smell, mixing pheromones and fragrant oil. as a shift in society, most notable in los angeles to me, i am aware of the traditional female desire for the male gaze in the general public, but also as people indulge in narcissism everyone seeks the gaze of everyone

the next fragrance i will launch will be named after one of these more amusing cat-call experiences, simply titled:

"jesus! you're a picture" (said the blind man) 

i had the opportunity to exhibit vice this spring and i poured it on the wall of a gallery.

i mixed in chemical pheromones and some of my own sweat collected on a day when i was on a walk and a man honked at me and yelled "pussy horn!"


much of this post was copied and pasted by one ms. marjorie skinner for her mercury column on vice, thanks marjorie!


  1. very interesting. we will be watching for the new fragrance. best of luck


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