controling the form of my body

i run in the mornings to control the form of my body 
i do not wear deodorant so that i might take in my surroundings
and myself, without filter 
i discover my neighborhood in an olfactory, sensory pattern

two houses carry the delicious tobacco of pipe and cigar
i taste before i smell as i breath through my mouth
sometimes inhaling to smell something new
dryer vents
 newly bloomed flora, menthol eucalyptus
watch for cracked sidewalks and
their having been used as toilets

i run through italian villas, southern plantations, haciendas, ghetto apartment complexes
someone on their way to work hits me with alcohol perfume

i taste breakfast sausage through newly opened windows
 and watch for men watching for me
i listen not to music but for cars driving too slowly

i return to my porch and shed my bottle of mace 
and shoes
perform downward facing dog
greeting the almost risen sun