scent of danger

today i decided it was time to begin composing the scent of danger

i began the mixture with a bottle of sex on the beach, a horribly fake smelling fruit mixture, which i found at a swap meet. it even has a hand-written label. the scent of danger is taking its cues from predatory habits, and as many predators seem to think their behaviors will lead to sex on the beach, it gets top billing

the next ingredient is some male pheromone i bought online, which actually came with a hand-written label as well that just says "him"

other ingredients include my prior infusions of arginine and tetrodotoxin, and 10 parts each of the five breeds of predatory animal urine i have stored away: fox, mountain lion, coyote, wolf, and bobcat

the last ingredient have ordered is ghost pepper, as my research into the chemical composition of pepper spray has lead me to believe this is about as close as i am going to get, maybe even better. in 2007, it was confirmed by guinness world records to be the hottest chili in the world weighing in at over 1 million scoville units of heat. that is over 200 times as hot as the average jalapeno pepper

this guy is the most informative, and after watching way too many of these videos, i'm wondering why no one has paired this test with drinking a gallon of milk in an hour, i think it could happen

pure capsaicin is way hotter at 16 million SU

this kid makes the most amusing noises, and not even with a ghost pepper

right now, the scent of danger just smells like lots of sex on the beach, with the sweet hints of urine. i'm seeing more and more why perfumers use animal musk in their concentrations. this urine could clear a room by itself, (in fact the stench was seeping through the plastic bottles it came in) but mixed with other ingredients it actually becomes a little intoxicating