arginine and tetrodotoxin

after watching documentaries on pheromones in the animal kingdom, and recognizing the purposes of scents for so many types of communication, i decided it would be interesting to try and make the scent of danger

i infused oil with arginine, an amino acid which worms emit to keep adult newts from preying on them

then i infused oil with the fins of puffer fish, which contain tetrodotoxin, known to be very poisonous causing paralysis of the diaphram. tetrodotoxin is emitted from newt larva to fend off cannibalistic adults, but is suppressed in the presence of arginine from injured worms. both are scents connoting danger, but when the nasal cavities of the larva were suppressed, they did not release the tetrodotoxin (here's where i found this info)

i have ordered about 5 more elements, which also indicate danger. i'm pretty sure this one won't be wearable, although the guy at the natural foods store where i bought the arginine was pretty stoked