art with scent research

i decided today to research about artwork related to smell, to seek out some of the history of sensuous experience in the gallery setting, and here's what i found:

given this theme i should do one for los angeles...

 here is one artist from MIT who explored the 

scent of fear

here's one that reminds me more of fahrenheit 451 than anything, and the fact that a bunch of technologically pioneering companies find her work progressive is scary to me, though not surprising. i think i'd rather not have nike making my clothing to fight depression using smell, and perhaps because charging me with a low dose of some sort of medical euphoric aid through the fibrous tubing. no thanks

smell and cartography 
(i have to say that reminds me of buster)

this was a great site, and i particularly like the soapscapes

in this one the peppermint smell made people cry 

the anthropology of odor

on a completely different note (after having read some disturbing pornographic descriptions of the movie "the sweet smell of sex") i found that spiders think blood smells sweet, and prey on recently engorged mosquitoes, and i love the metaphor of our having eaten chocolate with a particularly sweet center that would attract a mate by smell

now i'm going to go buy a bunch of books for my ever-expanding smell library, bibliography to come!