i've been listening to an awesome slanguage lp record of cb code

not surprisingly women have quite a few names, seatcover for one, eager beaver, and if you're a certain weight, apparently you're a two-stool woman

collecting the sweat of a dirty dan would give me pheromones galore (and given the number of references to prostitutes in cb slanguage, perhaps a disease)

dirty dan: a disgustingly nasty, smelly, unclean, unbathed, and generally unhealthy long haul truck driver who goes weeks or even months without showering

that sort of goes along with this piece, my sweat rags stitched and crystallized

i also shot a couple of images of myself wearing the collection apparatus for the smell of fear

i'm reworking some of my ideas documenting my performances, and i'm excited to start analyzing the personality profiles of my catcalls based on their choice of words, location, and associations with fetishistic aromatic elements

i'm hoping to acquire an alembic to start distilling my own oils, and to purchase this amazingly expensive book by steffen arctander