bar experiment

i'm not really apt to do a lot of trials in bars, but i found myself in one the other night to celebrate a friend's birthday

and it's where i came up with the scent of rejection

a man, very nearly age appropriate to be my father, started hitting on me, he offered a few times to buy me a jager instead of my chosen cranberry juice. when i was unreceptive to his advances he asked, "what do you have a yeast infection or something?"

if i had had the product on me i would have tried it out! but alas...

50 parts male pheromone to about 15 parts lavender, carrier could be oil or witch hazel

the male pheromone sets up an olfactory wall, turning the subject off, and the lavender note adds a soothing acceptance to this affront

i had considered adding bull rage from the hunting materials i ordered, but i decided a soothed, rejected subject is much more desirable, than one who has come up against opposition and aggression. this way the subject can leave of their own volition
i'm thinking this will be some sort of accessory apparatus that one can release at will, instead of being set to a sensor

i thought about implanting it in a hat, and having a cord that ran down the back and through a sleeve

or it could just be like one of those joke flowers that sprays someone in the face (no need for the subtle lavender then i suppose)

this would work for anyone really, they'd just have to deploy the right pheromones to reject the right sex!