lingo2word translations

i'm investigating translating my work into other systems of communication, and as i look at our culture, and the ridiculously impersonal means of communication, i'm laughing that i found this: 

"pussy horn!" = (!) horn

"jesus, you're a picture" (said the blind man) = 
Gsus, ur a pic (said d blind man)

"i like your ass" = i lk ur (_!_)

"i can smell you from here" = i cn smel u frm hre

"smokin' hot" = smokin ht

"i didn't see a ring on that finger. shit. beautiful." = 
i didn't c a rng on datfinga. sht. btifl

"your feet are red. you're beautiful. you're the light of my life" = yr Ftr red. yr btifl. ur d lyt of my lyf

"i happen to like a woman with no makeup or deodorant" = 
i hpn 2 lk a wmn W no make^ or deodorant

"heels on a bike is sexy" = heels on a bke S SxC

"too bad i can't see that ass naked in the air bouncing on my cock" = 2 bad i cnt C dat (_!_) Nked bouncing nd air on my ==B

(um, wow, it's like BOOBLESS on the calculator gone awry)

"all smooth...what about you?" = II sm%th...w@ bout

"maybe i can hike up that skirt and bend you over for the pounding of a lifetime" = 
mayB i cn hike ^ dat skirt n bend u ovr 4t pounding of a lftme

i think that's about all i can handle for now 

i had the criticism that i wasn't taking a stance on these interactions, and i guess i kind of feel like they speak for themselves. kind of funny sometimes, kind of frightening sometimes 

(for instance, i was walking to my car at midnight when receiving one, not a very appropriate time to launch a potentially threatening remark at a woman alone) but when is the appropriate time? 

someone did mention he'd like to see these men with some level of compassion in them, i'm guessing a level of humanity. and that's what i see. i'm documenting what is, and allowing for the space to come to a spectrum of conclusions

is it scary sometimes? yes. is it funny sometimes? yes? is it flattering sometimes? yes. do i feel like a piece of meat sometimes? yes. will i be sad when it stops? yes. are there more poetic ways to communicate? yes.

for instance:

upon julia's clothes, by robert herrick

when as in silks my julia goes,
then, then, methinks, how sweetly flows
that liquefaction of her clothes.

next, when i cast mine eyes and see
that brave vibration each way free;
o how that glittering taketh me!

i'm curious how robert herrick might tie together the ends of my practice. somehow i think he will play a pivotal role

it's like righting a wrong, killing aggression with poetry, and allowing for the breath of a spectrum of experience with the work

and just for a breath of fresh air (thanks chen)