poetry mashup

in thinking about poetry, i realized it's part of my daily ritual to read, and so quite logical that my art should be informed that way

i started recording mp3's of my poetry collages, thinking of the auditory nature of poetry, and for me, another form of found-object making

here they are installed for a critique class

after xi. by e.e. cummings
female cracksman of the nifty, ruffian-rogue,
too bad i can't see that ass laughing body
with wise breasts half grown naked
in the air bouncing, lisping flesh
quick to the thread the fattish drone
on my cock, wispish-agile
feet with slid steps parting
the tousle of saxophonic brogue

i keep thinking about how i used to pass notes to my boyfriend in highschool, and he folded his really intricately. an origami piece would be interesting, or a trebuchet (they were so poetic in their motion in lord of the rings) 

i'm sure a text message is all that happens now ==B