olfactory membrane highway

i found old steak wrapping stinking up our kitchen, and it immediately took me (via that olfactory membrane highway) back to working in a grocery store, taking the trash out, and dry heaving if i ever followed the drop from the meat counter. foul stuff

this however, is sweet! a piece of wood more expensive than gold. $3000 to be precise. though not for this item, i have placed an order from this guy

agarwood/aloeswood is ritually burned for incense, or charcoal. as i read the history of its forested collection, it reminded me of my childhood spent in the understory floor


thinking about ritual and rhythm, i was listening to my foot pattern while running this morning. when i began running outside, i found it soothing and meditative to match my breathing to my feet. when i was hiking the gorge, i also employed this, it helped me stay consistent on an ascent, no matter how the terrain changed