my wife and sweetheart

my wife and sweetheart, 
two fine women
the dedication for the book i read today

the common scents of smell: how the nose knows and what it all shows! 

i don't know why everyone who writes about smell thinks that little pun is funny, but thankfully this guy was actually fantastically interesting. he used to have a tv show and was a professor of organic chemistry

my favorite tidbit among many many from this book:

many delightful tales have been told about celebrating gentlemen of gay paris drinking champagne from the slipper of a fair damsel. the leather of the slipper is nitrogenous, which accentuates the flavor and aroma of the beverage.  after pouring the champagne into the shoe, always drink from heel to end.  otherwise, the toe point might stick your adam's apple.  drinking beer from an old boot might be just as good, as long as you trust the last person who wore it



  1. "Oh, I drank some champagne from your shoe.
    I was drunk by the time I got through.
    I didn't know as I raised that cup,
    It had taken two bottles to fill the thing up."

    Tom Lehrer


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