billboard art project beginning research

i just got accepted to be part of a billboard art exhibit! i love the idea of being public that way. i'm working on the images i'll use, and i have 10 minutes to talk to the people of reading, pa 

(i liked that at least their city name implied they'd like to read something)

i have a couple months to figure this puzzle out. (maybe their craigslist ads have some appropriate text to incorporate) gotta love site-specificity

here's the one i just found: 

I was at rutters in my work uniform and you were wearing a yellow dress. I passed an extremely loud and smelly fart and you seamed to notice. You smiled as if it turned you on. I would like to know if you were single and would like to smell some more?

here's another:

UPS Guy (Philly Premium Outlets) 
 Seriously, I can't hold out much longer. I'm wildly infatuated with you and your smell. Quit driving me crazy and just fuck me already.

(that probably wouldn't fly on a billboard) 

I look at your picture, remember your smell, I miss the summer we shared, like a hand is ripping my heart out like in indiana jones.