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I am looking for composted horse manure. Stuff that doesn't smell like manure anymore. Stuff that looks like the picture below. I'm not really looking to pay for poop.

My boss got rid of these because his wife claimed to smell detergent on the clothes after rinse cycle. He couldn't smell that but thinks she just wanted a new set. 

Smell is very important to me, and if you don't smell good why would I want to be near you. So now comes the part that I'm sure is important to you, the reader. About me. Even though I'm not skinny, I'm morbidly obese. I'm very down to earth and humble.

I'm off work tomorrow and have yet to smell the ocean this year. if you're a geeky hipster chick who digs beards and whit, you have a great chance. why go with me? because I'm fucking awesome.

The first things people usually notice about me: I will never come to terms with the fact that vampires and zombies have become such an integral part of contemporary culture, and that smell that fills the air during springtime.

I'm not rich, thin or packing a monster penis. I want to experience you with my remaining senses: touch, sound, smell and even taste.

 oh reading, pa craigslist, thanks for entertaining me this morning