new york high line

 while i was in new york i spent a lot of time on the highline reading before going to galleries in chelsea

and i saw this amazing billboard just appear one day

it was this super weird juxtaposition of fake landscape (highline = grasslands in the middle of the meatpacking district) in front of a mountain range in china (or rather, the mediated image of a mountain range in china), in front of this created landscape of highrises

 and all of this was going on during the la carte d'apres show

all about this weird man-made, park-type, created nature (i actually hoped this billboard was part of the show)

and ultimately, i wished my friend shaden's work (above and below) had been a part of the exhibition

all this talk about billboards reminds me, my part in the billboard art project is happening tomorrow, oct. 22nd in reading, pa!!


my work will show at 12:49am, 3:31am, 6:11am, 8:49am, 11:26am, 2:03pm, 4:40pm, 7:17pm, and 9:53pm

i'm also part of the exhibit in san bernadino,  friday, dec. 2nd