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i almost want this to be real, or fake, i can't decide, but it's always worth searching those pages for something related to smell:

In line at Harkins Theater - m4w - 28 (Chino Hills)

Date: 2011-10-03, 6:06PM PDT
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Did that really just happen? We kept looking at one another while standing in line for Lion King 3D. I had my daughter and you had ur two kid(s)? You first bumped into me and my first reaction was to check for my wallet. I looked down at you and you smiled bigger than I could imagine. You said "sorry" and then I heard you remark to one of the boys that you didn't mind bumping into me. I bought our tickets and headed to the door noticing you watching me from the reflection of the glass. Once inside I turned to see if you were still watching and you waived. You made me feel like I was in high school again with butterflies in my stomach. I took my time by getting in the longest line to buy popcorn for my daughter. We were both wearing wedding rings, but in the moment it almost didn't matter. Soul mates? Your bouncy hair was too cute and I longed to smell it by holding you close. You grabbed your phone from your purse and waived it at me. I was getting nervous and decided I would walk my daughter to the bathroom and then ask you for your number. We kept staring at each other and I felt like I couldn't allow this opportunity to pass. You're exactly what I have been looking for my whole life. (Maybe cause my wife is 5'2" 225) And then it happened. You started walking towards me and our eyes were locked. Suddenly I felt a pain in my stomach feeling like I might explode. I thought if just for a moment I was dreaming. If only I was. I shit my fucking pants so damn bad the people across from you made a remark to the manager. You paused and grabbed the hand of one of your kids and walked away. I felt miserable and alone, but happy I was so close to the bathroom. Then my daughter walked out and told me my pants looked wet...

I just have to know...

Is there still a chance?

Are you anywhere out there?

Do you have any toilet paper?