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i miss doing research about scent, so here's a post i found a few days ago regarding pheromones:

Pheromones? (Is that what they're called?)

Date: 2011-11-28, 10:00PM PST
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Or is it just the slippery sweat?

Anyway our sex would smell so good.... you know? you know.

Need a Girlfriend with Poor Sense of Smell

Date: 2011-11-28, 11:25AM PST
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If you have a shower and washer/dryer I could use occasionally, that would be great too. Shampoo a HUGE plus!

Back to work tomorrow - 28 (Lake Oswego)

Date: 2011-11-27, 2:06PM PST
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I have a wicked awesome sense of humor, I am pretty damn attractive and I emit a pleasant aroma. This may sound egotistical but I mean come on! This is Craigslist and I am sure I am competing with guys who work at Jiffy Lube for your attention. I know who I am and that guys is Awesome with a capital A. That might be the vodka talking, but I go back to the office tomorrow and that bottle has a little bit left.

So I will be sitting here half heartedly working and compulsively checking my email in the event a cute girl sends me an email and isn't scared off by the fact that my come hither look is irresistible. Trust me.