long lost love

i just found a bottle of my late elementary/junior high fragrance in a thrift store! l'effleur by coty. it's amazing how many memories can come flooding back with the slightest aroma

two other fragrances i used to wear, that were just brilliantly light, but totally distinct were discontinued by the body shop. lemon tea, and pink pepper. i bought them on ebay last year when i was studying perfume for my mfa

i neglected to buy a bottle of tea rose, by the perfumer's workshop, when i found it in an antique store, but i just ordered it on amazon! sometimes i really do love the internet culture, this was more of my junior high/early high school perfume of choice

having purchased these former loves, i do certainly notice a distinct difference between the alcohol-based scents, and the witch hazel i'm using. i've had a number of customers remark that they usually get a headache from perfume, or they have allergies, but they're able to wear the perfumes i'm creating, so that is great news!