First thing you need to know about me.... - 28 (SW )

Date: 2012-01-14, 8:30PM PST
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I am hilarious and I smell amazing. Take a whiff, you won't regret it. So it is Saturday night and I am exhausted from being awesome all day. So I am resting for another hard day tomorrow of, well being awesome. So here is my little resume and cover letter for picking up a chick on Craigslist on a Saturday night.

My Objective:
To meet a cute, confident and disease free woman who I can then seduce with my irresistible come hither look.

My Qualifications:
I am not your average Craigslist sex pervert.
I smell very, very good.
I have cat like reflexes. Now you see me... meow you don't.
I can eat a lot in one sitting.
I have a masters degree.
I am employed and wear fancy clothes.
I have low standards but pretend otherwise.
I know the difference between there and their.

hang out/cuddle naked? - 28 (hillsboro)

Date: 2012-01-14, 6:27PM PST
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So, pretty much just looking for a cute, rad girl to cuddle with naked. I really need to hold, and feel a nice warm body pressed up against mine. The feel, and smell of a woman is so intoxicating.

I am pretty damn charming and handsome - 28 (SW Portland / Lake Oswego Area)

Date: 2012-01-13, 8:14PM PST
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I can't lie, I am pretty damn charming. Just saying how charming you are is, well, charming. I also think I am easy on the eyes and if you like clean cut, preppy guys with style, wit and charisma you will like me. I am 28, educated, confident and good with an adjective. I also happen to smell very, very good. I am having a pretty awesome Friday evening which I have to stay in for... ask me why.