los angeles craigslist

 i'm thinking through some ideas for proposals for a couple of scented projects in the los angeles area, so it's only fitting that i would check into the old craigslist ads i used to peruse while i lived down there


I saw you again yesterday - m4w - 23 (everywhere)


Though I have never seen you face; that silhouette I catch, that amazing voice I hear, and that hair that I can smell is entirely real to me. I know your out there dream girl and I wish I could find you. I know one day we will be happy together; but until then I will be restless without you. I always hear that alarm ring and i hear you voice say I'll get it the I feel a set of gentle hands touch me, and I smell coffee. I always awake to watch your silhouette slip through the door of our bedroom. Back to reality where there is no you yet If only I knew what face to look for! Or I catch us on our balcony me holding you feeling so full and warm tanks to you, I can smell your beautiful hair then as I really try to figure you out I realize I can feel your tears running down my chest saying your sorry. 


re so close yet so far - m4w


you have no life I realize now the childishness that occurred here and am over it your drama isnt making you any money and it wont because you have lost your audience no one is interested wake up and smell your coffee 


chino urgent care - m4w - 21 (chino)


You got a sling for me I thought you were super cute tell me what color my shirt was hope I can get in touch with you ps your perfume or lotion smelt really good your hispanic and thick :)


Sacrifice.... - m4w - 45 (Anaheim)


Its a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of her lingers
And temptations strong

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

We lose direction
No stone unturned
No tears to damn you
When jealousy burns 


L. I miss you so much... - m4w - 41 (Everywhere)



I truly miss you. You have been on my mind for the las couple of weeks. I miss your scent, your touch....