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Dreaming about you - m4w (Portland)


I dreamed of you last night. You were beautiful and perfect as always. I miss your face and looking into your eyes. I miss your bizarre personality and crazy beliefs. If I could put my face in your neck and smell you and take you in to hold you close and feel your lips on mine.

Oddly Specific - 29 (SW PDX)


It is Friday night around 9 o'clock and I just got home from my work holiday party. I am filled with cheesecake, pizza and cinnamon whiskey. I just feel like putting on some sweatpants and falling asleep in front of the television. Or posting on Craigslist and seeing what cute girl is out there that happens to like guys who are boyishly charming with a dash of handsomeness and who smell very, very good...

Milky Way is UNSTOPPABLE! - m4w (PDX)


and so you called my bluff then cancelled your email account.

i don't know which one more qualifies you for that spanking...

but if you'd like to pause (not stop) and smell the roses and lilacs...

want to meet a nice girl - 30 (vancouver)


I've been single for the past two years and now I miss the smell of a woman on my clothes,getting a text in the morning saying sweet things. Please be into video games somewhat.

Something dark - 99 (PDX)


" Your torments call us like dogs in the night. And we do feed, and feed well. To stuff ourselves on other people's torments. And butter our plain bread with delicious pain... Funerals, marriages, lost loves, lonely beds " that is our diet. We suck that misery and find it sweet. We can smell the young ulcerating to be men a thousand miles off. And hear a middle-aged fool like yourself groaning with midnight despairs from halfway round the world. "

Christmas Break!! - 28 (The West Side)


I am 28, charming as I am handsome - obviously - and I smell very, very good. I have the musical taste of a 13 year old girl circa 1999 and nice legs. It is true. Summer is a good time for me. 

Lets go see The Hobbit tonight! - 40 (Portland)


I want to go see the Hobbit tonight. You're cute, maybe a LOTR nerd, maybe a huge fan of the books or the other movies. Maybe you just have a thing for Short men with hairy feet.... I'm not going to judge you. I'm tall with the hardly any hair on my feet and an all around nice guy. Be single, cute, funny, fun, smell nice and be a sweet person who is willing to use her large purse to Sherpa my snacks into the theater.