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u don't know what your mssing.... - 40 (clackamas)


hi girls... sooo if u like a bit kink...a very sexy smooth man, shaves... all over... and professional, tan. soooo ooo smooth to touch and adore... and i will return the feeling... girls i am not bias to color or size... cuz... love and emotion comes in all flavors, and a women that has chemistry with her man is really all that matters.... yes? so.... if sexy 6 2 200 lbs and soooo soft and knows about the fem side about himself and what does that mean...? well it means he knows how to ..... t o u c h a women and make her feel so special... her sexual desires will peak and she will become a soft doll in my arms and while i hold u, u will fall for me to let me touch u, and u won't be able to say no..... I promise, I will send your mind into a place, you have never been before,.... and u wonder how can i do this.... well because, i know how a womens mind and sexuality works...its just a perfect place,... the beauty of a women, no matter her size the concept is the same... trust me...u will be pleased no matter what size u are.... just sorry but 18 is all can handle......... I do like bigger, but... O....that is sexy too.... its just the thought of being sexy for both of us.... I love taking a hot bubble bath and listening to some nice muxic and drinking a glass of wine... soooo iam getting tired and going to bed, and actually going to think of a sweet curvey, nice size brested women, who is sweet all over,wearing perfume and smelling so sweet, as i will .... again size is not important as long as u are sweet in you flat spot and high maintance.... i love make up and alot.... cuz it just shows me u , u take pride in your look, and that is sooooo sexy.... plz reply... any age is fine.. i am again young in apperance,... I won't tell u my age,because its not important, what matters is chem and care for each other... ad we can figure out the rest late, if the chem is right.... love to you, and merry christmas to u, I promise i will give u all u want... love to who ever u are...