what does the desert smell like?

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My question is this: What causes that smell? Sort of sage-like but not exactly.
Does anyone know what is actually making that scent????

I think it is God.

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mainly the ''Creosote Bush'' that covers the southwest deserts i.e. the Sonoran, Mohave and the Chihuahuan here in New Mexico.. These plants are very moisture depedant for a desert plant so they have the longest roots of any up to 80 feet to get to water. Secondly they have pores all over them to get mousture so they really open up after any rain to absorbe it hence the awsome smell it produces. Whenever i go home to Alamo to visit as soon as i get to Carrizozo and turn south on U.S.54 even without rain the smell of fresh rain is strong do to so many Creosotes there so i'll roll down my window and enjoy for about 15 min or so.

You can see them mixed amongst the cacti in this picture.

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We had more rain here overnight, and waking up to that smell is great. Then I start the coffee to mix with it :-)

The smell of the desert at night is so mind blowing. It is like this sweet dusty earthy lushy wonderous hard to describe smell. I just want to roll around in its sensuous scent!

Ahhhh, creosote and sage...

someone I know is going to send a box of arizona through the mail so I can squirt it with a mister and dream of AZ here in California. . . what a heavenly smell

There is Nothing like the smell of the Sonoran Desert when it rains, specially during the monsoons in the summer. The smell of wet sage combined with the thunder & lightening and POURing rain. I love to just head west out Ajo Hwy and take it all in!

There've been times when I've wanted a monsoon storm more than the weather does, so I put some dried Creosote I have (I do a lot of herbal stuff) in a bowl and take a hot shower. Does the trick. For extra effects, have some one flick the light switch a few times :)