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Fragrance of the World - m4w - 28

I can only imagine your touch
your soft skin
your lips delicately
brushing my canvas
your nose touching my nose
the smell of your hair
the taste of your neck.
Kissing the fleshy parts of your fingers
dancing my hands in a slow waltz
across your breasts and down
to where your body curves
like a wine glass.
Seeing you with more than my eyes
touching you with more than my body.
Cheeks like flowers,
shortness of breath,
the world discarded.
Of all the waves in the ocean,
I recognize only your wave
as hand in hand our bodies collide
like two champagne flutes
in a toast to sparkling rapture.
And afterwards I'll hold you
like a rare musical instrument,
listening to only the sound of you
as you inhale and exhale
the fragrance of the world 

If I was granted a wish to do anything for a day... - m4w would be to spend that entire day with you at Disneyland again. But, just me and you this time. Just to spend the entire day, playing, having fun and spending it with each other at a magical place. <3 section="">
I like vintage and worn decor, because they remind me of all the decor at dl. I love the smell of chlorine, because they remind me of the water rides there. I like the smell of burning popcorn, peanuts, candies, again because they remind me of there. The smell of stinky horses.. the smell of mechanical machines..they all remind me of dl... Among many other things. You truly love that place like no one else I know. Makes me love you even more.

to the girl that waved at my at carols jrs no lacster by market st - m4w

hope u see this and contat me i was in a blue ranger i regret not stoping and saying hi and see if i could get ru number hope u see this and give me a scent chance