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I have got to say I felt your eyes on me ... It's been a long time since someone got caught looking at me, like you were looking at me...You smell my Narciso Rodriguez cologne which is the sense tied most closely to human memory. Now you remember how it feels...

Ryan you are a SuperStud

Every time I smell something sweet I think of you. Even as they years go I am sure you will be there in my quite moments of reflection. I wish that I could just kiss you once, just one passionate kiss and I will treasure it forever. 

Wistful Words for My Sinner

I wore the gardenia body lotion to the gym today. As I worked out, the heat of my body released the scent of gardenia. The smell filled my senses and I could not stop my thoughts from turning to you.  I need to hear your voice so that I know and you know we are not alone in this Void. 



  1. I'm curious...what the meaning of your post is? I wrote one of the Craigslist ads you quoted in your blog and I'm genuinely curious about why you chose these ads to quote in your blog. Thanks!

  2. Oh I search Craigslist for ads using language related to the sense of smell. I think it's fascinating how people describe scent online, and yours caught my eye :)

  3. Is that some kind of study for school or just an interest of yours?

    Smells fascinate me. I have an incredibly sensitive nose. My friends call it "Dog Nose." :)

    Thanks for indulging my curiosity!

  4. It started out as a study for school, and I've just continued. I find smell fascinating as well!


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