new biographical photography project


this is a series i've been hoping to do since last year, when i realized it had been 25 years since i had gone around my grandparent's house with a camera handed to me by my mom (at 12 years old). she asked me to document my perspective on a property where i'd spent many summers. some of those snapshots include my 12-year-old handwriting complete with hearts for dots over the i's

a few years after the property was sold, there was a murder suicide in the house where we spent so many wonderful nights, where we watched afternoon cartoons with my grandfather (even the ones we weren't allowed to watch at home) and where i remember finding a mouse had eaten a santa clause i had made of cake icing and left out on the counter in the kitchen

being pregnant, and considering how this property shaped much of my aesthetic and childhood, i was happy to revisit those spaces that were so magical to me and my imagination, and know that even if they hold completely different memories for the community, the world i invented there cannot completely disappear