#30weeks #morningsuckness

only 10ish weeks to go, and i'm still plagued with morning suckness 

 threw up in this funny roadstop in vernonia with a phone number on the bottom of the seat

#bathroomselfie at see see coffee 

hot pink street boobs

spent the weekend at the coast again and did a couple of ocean-view selfies. dense fog at one end and the sunset at the other 

beautiful image of what i find myself doing often from an instagram post referring to the new yorker, but i couldn't find the reference


 a great alphabet noodle piece i found i'm going to use for a onesie for father's day

 funny vintage bracelet i found in someone's baby book at a thrift store

 floral baby doll dress

great image of nipples i found on instagram, rephotographed. thinking a lot about nursing lately. it's interesting how militant some people can be on either side of this issue. one woman mentioned men commenting to her about how gross it was to the point that they threatened to ejaculate in public. she made the interesting point that a breast is feeding and functional in a non-sexual way; whereas, a penis has a sexual function as described. she then extolled women in this argument to exclaim, "ew, you feed your children semen?" i can't imagine having that kind of confrontation