the baby has been tossing and turning a ton!

i've also been pondering gender. we don't know the baby's gender yet, and in my mind it doesn't have one, it's almost like one of those flying cherubim in a painting--a fair and innocent creature floating in my atmosphere

 so i've been thinking about how much our culture is wrapped up in gender identity right now

i really like the idea of a gender reveal cake that has some anatomical accuracy. i'm thinking about putting together a cake-decorating workshop where people could learn to pipe icing, and at the same time explore how they would represent their gender through confection

when i became pregnant i thought i was going to balloon into a size 42 or something and bought all of these enormous mumus that i am engulfed by because i'm petite and short. i'm finding tight, form fitting garments are helping me feel less whale-like

i'm also still going around portland taking shots of images and landmarks that i fear will be gone before i get around to it. i have been meaning to take a shot of this pink food sign for months

 #bathroomselfie in a deconstructed tshirt i make for the antique mall spaces i have. they are usually pretty long if the shirt was huge, so they've been really nice to wear in the heat