#36weeks one month to go!

inspired by frida to wear flowers in my hair. i know babies can be grabby and pulling with long hair, so it's probably good for me to start exploring alternative accessorizing for the coming months/years (no pulling of earrings from my ears or ripping apart of necklaces please!)

yes i am still sick. another woman i met yesterday gained 120 pounds with her only pregnancy, her companion lost weight and was as sick as me all 9 months

 it has definitely been a long road, but i'm glad the end is in sight

dutch baby baby at the original original pancake house

the biggest irony for me is that i can sometimes keep down foods that i have been avoiding for years now (wheat and dairy) that are sugary and easy to digest. while when i try to eat raw vegetables, and healthy options for my baby (and me) they'll stay in my system and eventually leave the way they came. luckily melon and figs and peaches have seemed to be good options

we took a newborn care and breastfeeding class this week

 making me think a bit more about the upcoming last literal push of the process


and daddy was doodling in class