i found this book this week, and realized i think i could totally bond with a little dude who wants to learn about this stuff

10 weeks ago in the same spot shows a much smaller belly 

this is what hypnobirthing is leading me to believe is about to happen. i'm welcoming that mindset with open arms



a shining moment

i went to babies r us today, my own personal hell i think, and found these teethers

i had to. #gianthighwaistedridiculousshortsforawatermelonbelly

a selfie in the bathroom at babies r us. all i kept thinking in my head was "one of these things is not like the others." i went to ikea next, still not my favorite, but at least the other moms were also wearing black and had tattoos and looked a little more like my people 

sometimes this is how my belly feels inside--some joy some atomic action