we moved recently, and i've had fun taking selfies in new morning diffused light under our amazing tree of heaven outside (otherwise known as a ghetto palm, or tree of hell) 

it's been a kind of long 9 months, but it's flown by, as i'm sure everyone says

i've had fun being a little subversive with my shots, although not as brave to show all of them. it's interesting how many body parts mimic each other

i've still had a bit of morning sickness, but i'm hoping that is on its way out in the next days/weeks depending on when this little bundle decides to emerge

i received one carrier that i had registered for, and it's kind of complicated, so i'm looking for an alternative means of transport. planning is hard in life, no matter how many opinions and preparations you have

 planning for breastfeeding is also a challenge. do i just give my boobs a pep talk?

and the snippets of what to bring to the hospital often repeat, but you never really know what you'll end up wanting, needing or using. life lesson #1 little man. plan but be flexible