commodification of a childhood

i gave a talk recently on my work, and i commented on having taken a break from social media. it's more than a break. i want to harness what little time i have. reordering how i exhibit work is one way to become a better author

when i made photos of my body while my son was inside of it, i wasn't making his image a part of my work. but now that he's his own body, his own individual in space, i can't make him an unwilling participant in my projects. and i don't want to give into the ease of using cuteness

as i cataloged my projects i saw a commonality that new work is often born out of taking a simple walk. it's how i'm acclimating to motherhood at the moment. i needn't exploit my child in the midst of my exploration, nor do i have to document time for us to know that we've spent it