@portlandplantpropogation and mother naturalist

as part of my mother naturalist exhibition preparation i have created a new social media experiemental project @portlandplantpropogation

a new plant campaign towards helping little ones appreciate the natural world through personal gardening and trading of plants

 nature walks and exploration of the outdoors from maternity throughout childhood


it has made me more conscious of my surroundings, explaining things anew, and recycling

for instance, there were about 10 rose bushes taken from their place in planter boxes at a car lot nearby, and just thrown in a pile. instead of leaving them be, i asked the owner if i could take them. i brought them to a plant exchange and they didn't go with anyone there, but i posted them for free on a couple of sites and they all went to new homes within a couple of hours 

i had thought about this as related to nourishment mostly because of my nursing ideas, but as i started foraging on my walks i became amazed by what i found

through some of the cooking elements of the project i find myself nostalgic for summers on farms and making old family recipes like these fried pies which were wonderful!

i've foraged about 20 pounds of pears so far, making puree and freezing it for my son

and of course i had to try my hand at my first pie, which looked nice but it was raw inside, but it looked nice

i am letting others define what "mother naturalist" means for them, i certainly have my own ideas but i think it's best left to the wearer