a photo can be just as good as a sculpture. news

i keep finding that i make objects, take photos, play with the lighting and affects and end up liking the image as much if not more than the 3-dimensional object

two images i shot and then manipulated together once i realized they might be a great pair. a spent pinata i made for my son's first birthday on top of his gilded walker. after jeff koons' michael jackson and bubbles part II

after jeff koons' michael jackson and bubbles part I
i had not really noticed the mother-and-child aspects of this image until someone mentioned it

since my high school days i have realized that some of my artistic  instincts come from a need to make myself or anyone else laugh. mostly myself

and there are objects i have made that i'm unsure about including in an exhibition, partly because of their daily presence in our lives. the artists i am collaborating with have been discussing fixes made for a child, trying to paste a banana back together, a toy that has broken, for instance a gourd rattler that i packing-taped back together. i had thought i would felt over it at some point, but it becomes like the fodder of all of our lives, that thing that you mean to get to but never quite find the time to fix

amongst the sculptural objects i find making collages on my phone a passtime perhaps like pokemon or online gaming that others use to fritter away free time.  my palate seems to be generated from the same sources no matter what the medium

found self-portraiture--i feel so thankful for the modern convenience of a camera at-the-ready