new sculptures

 these sculptures were an exercise in patience as i couldn't pour the resin while pregnant, but i am very pleased with their result after a long wait!

they are in transit to south bay contemporary in san pedro, california for an exhibition opening on april 6th

included in the show are images and references to the women's march, and some activist elements, which have become more a part of my personal world as a mother and artist than ever before

i was even excited to find that a mother naturalist shirt made its way through the los angeles women's march on my friend emily!

an internationally played game of exquisite corpse from oregon, to montana, to norway, resulted in this wonderful pair of drawings. it has caused me to consider inviting other women to participate in a similar project moving forward. possibly creating a gathering where women can come together to process the week's or month's events, and through the visual express what can't come out in the verbal