let them eat cake

as part of the alumni exhibit at biola i asked myself about god as mother, and the image that arose most strongly was god providing food to the israelites in the desert for 40 years-- manna coming each morning, and quail. it brought to mind mother and baby trusting that breast milk will come in at the right time and be sufficient for the time it is provided. i know that modern technology has allotted for the storage and even encouragement of production, but for the larger part of the ages breast milk was largely like manna, something provided for the time, and no storage was available (as manna got worms if it was stored up)

a site-specific piece i'm achieving through surrogate artists is one where cake and quail eggs will be thrown at the gallery wall

the eggs are dyed with avocado (which took close to a week to take affect)

they were then filled with a slurry of glitter, pink plastic sprinkles, and a perfume composed of myrrh, leather, vetiver and an ultra secret ingredient, breast milk

and 2017 eclipse moon water

a test

as an accompaniment to this installation i am recreating my daughter's first birthday cake, (we had it the day after she was born because i ordered it late) with an altered image from "daisies" by sedmikrásky

i have become quite enamored of the idea of eating art, so the cake will be displayed for viewers to run their fingers through or consume however they see fit