zula was born two days after my last post

 i had a scheduled c-section, so i was able to pre-order her first birthday cake. unfortunately it was edited, so i'm going to give it another try for an upcoming exhibition

after returning home i'm more aware of my body's inability to snap back into its regular shape this time

starting an apparatuses for postpartum glory body series

i've been documenting some of my progress, but have realized the embarrassment is stronger when things are not as elastic as they were

i've been playing at bit with mandala's, my sense of extreme nostalgia this year--it being 20 years since graduation from high school--and considering what has shaped my humanity, my femininity

as i consider my own body self-consciousness amidst this nostalgic jaunt i am also thrown back into the themes i found with iggy's birth, raising a child in a sort of post-gender world

i'm thinking through materiality. the use of pink. the ideas of cars, trucks, things that have wheels, eunuchs, galations 3:28 obliterating most of the identifying characteristics people claim