spaceness year 5

well it's been a full year since i posted on here

here is the new owner of the paper chain i made last year for spaceness

and here is the process for "a fungus amongus"--the performance and installation i am creating for this year

this year my plan to dance with iggy at sunset together in the middle of a fairy circle of papier mache giant puff ball mushrooms--extraterrestrial life forms that clearly affect our DNA through consumption, absorption, spore-filled aeration?

for the spaceness fundraiser i made cotton candy and marshmallows. i have finally realized after years of cooking and baking and enjoying the chemistry of ingredients being broken down and changed, how much that has become a part of my practice. 

it's mostly because of my circumstance as a mother and part-time worker--however i have always enjoyed an excuse to bring people together around something creative--food, clothes, plants.

i like that i can watch the great british baking show and my children enjoy watching nigella bites on youtube, and we can expand that shared viewing experience into our own kitchen, into the cookbook i am compiling that they will have one day. maybe they'll even remember making or eating mary berry's frangiapane tart

topped with whipped cream and blueberries, which were the only thing they actually wanted to eat anyways

so i'll continue figuring out how to incorporate food and the making of food and the raising of children into events and gatherings, and community and my practice of trying to make art--in fact i have come to believe my work is basically framed in the attempt to make anything while child rearing--a virtually impossible task i find, but a comical and human pursuit that i revel in documenting and experiencing